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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can't believe what I did!

As I am hair care obsessed, and have never felt comfortable coloring or highlighting my hair myself...I made the mistake of mistakes!:) Now, I know many, many people, including friends box color their hair regularly and look lovely! So, understand, despite training...I have always, always so disliked coloring, cutting (styling...well, yeah, I'll do that!)...the only people who have their hair cut by me are my babies!!! So, as spontaneous as I am as a person...I am NEVER spontaneous with my hair...boring??? Maybe, but that is simply my comfy zone:) So, I watched a vid. I posted, and couldn't believe my roots!!! Holy cow! Now, I have mentioned my hair is growing at a wicked pace...which is awesome, but I can't...for the health and MONEY, get my roots touched up every 3 weeks..YIKES! But, I saw this vid..and simply couldn't get over how awful my roots were!

So, I found an ammonia-free DIY box color at Sephora. I thought, this will work...tons of dimension, and free of damaging could I go wrong? Hmmm..?! Well, I DID! I was nervous, and bit the bullet. Followed directions, and 30 mins. elapsed. Rinse, dry.....ORANGE, GREEN and GOLD! AHHH! It actually made 2 of my babies cry cause I didn't look like Mommy anymore! Poor cookies!:)

I went back to my Florida stylist, and she was FLOORED! After hours and hours...all fixed..whew! But, my spontaneous decision lead to super DRY hair! Now the fun and messy part:) I am treating my hair and scalp with coconut oil, DO masque, Argan Oil...saturated, and lightly braided my hair. Sleeping on it, and hopefully it will be back to smooth, shiny hair tomorrow (and a massive laundry load of all my linens:) But, it will be worth it!:) Cross your fingers:) xoxo

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