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Saturday, March 12, 2011


One word...DERMORGANICS! As most of you know, I am OBSESSED with hair care, and keeping my locks in the best, most healthy shape possible! I have shown that little green package...100 times or MORE:) Along with drinking water with 100% Organic Cold-Pressed (liquid) Flax-Seed Oil, and continuing to take my Pre-Natal Vitamins...I use the 3 Step System from all natural, packed full of Omegas, Vitamins, a natural Thermal Protectant and so much more!!! I even LOVE the Styling Mist as it serves as a fantastic setting spray for styling, but infuses your hair with omegas and more, only to PROTECT your precious LOCKS!:) It is a professional line, but you can find it on Amazon...and you WILL order it over and over again! ADDICTIVE, I'm telling you! It has kept my hair in incredible condition (which it wasn't before:(, and absolutely changed my hair to be the softest, most shiney and in the HEALTHIEST condition possible! And, this comes from a gal that uses hot-tools regularly and, yes, a processed blonde! Check them will go NUTS!:) To begin, I would recommend the 3 step system...then you get addicted and go from there! xxx 

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